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Oldcastle® Green Solutions is increasing its share of the growing market for architectural products and is always looking for talented employees.

As North America's largest manufacturer of concrete building products, Oldcastle has taken a leadership role in the development of innovative and environmentally friendly masonry and landscaping solutions. As a responsible member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Oldcastle is proud to provide products supporting your green building efforts. Oldcastle's extensive offering of building products enables architects and building owners to work towards obtaining LEED certification.

Many of Oldcastle's building products feature recycled content, either aggregates or cement replacements, or save energy in completed structures due to unique and efficient insulation methods. They contribute to a sustainable environment in several ways, including:
  • Low Life Cycle Costs: Oldcastle products are virtually maintenance free as there is no need to paint or refinish architectural masonry. Additionally, concrete paver solutions deliver better flexibility and durability, particularly in extreme climate conditions, which outperform traditional, rigid paving solutions over the long-run.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Masonry's high thermal mass walls have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption.

  • Better Air Quality: Unlike products that tend to foster mold growth, architectural masonry is not a mold food source. This reduces the opportunity for mold growth, which promotes cleanliness and better indoor air quality.

  • Safety and Security: Architectural masonry products provide excellent fire resistance and structural integrity and will withstand almost any threat including fires and high winds.

  • Storm Water Management: Oldcastle's permeable paver systems help to collect, store and treat storm water run-off in an effective manner.

Oldcastle is constantly developing new products that facilitate green design, sustainability and lower life cycle building costs. For more information on Oldcastle and it line of environmentally friendly products, visit www.OldcastleGreenSolutions.com.