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Oldcastle® Green Solutions is increasing its share of the growing market for architectural products and is always looking for talented employees.

Subterra Stone | Aqua-Roc | Glen Gery Brick


Subterra Stone brings the most attractive, natural looking permeable paver to the market. With its false joint structure, Subterra Stone offers the elegant look of natural chiseled stone, yet easy to install. Combined with its unsurpassed environmental benefits, Subterra Stone is ideal for homeowners who want environmental stewardship without compromising beauty and style.

BELGARD Environmental. Sustainable thinking for a better future.


Belgard Environmental is focused on delivering sustainable building solutions by offsetting the negative impact of traditional building products and techniques. Belgard Environmental provides products and solutions that make us better stewards of our Environment and its limited resources.

Belgard Environmental offers a full line of permeable concrete pavers. These environmentally-responsible pavers deliver solutions for a wide variety of applications including commercial applications, driveways, walkways, patios and more.

Traditional paving systems can negatively impact our environment and storm water management systems. Belgard Environmental permeable pavers foster natural drainage and storm water management. The benefits of these solutions include:
  • Contribution toward LEED certification
  • Natural rainwater drainage and storm water management
  • Improved water quality through natural groundwater recharge
  • Significantly improved aesthetics over asphalt and other paving systems
  • Lower-life cycle costs
  • Better land use and compliance with building regulations; reduction of retention/detention ponds
  • Durable paving solutions that out-perform other systems in extreme climate conditions

A 9.5% opening ratio allows rainwater to naturally drain to native sub soils, reducing the impact on the environment and storm water management. The result: better stewardship of our environment and improved land usage.

Like all interlocking concrete paver solutions, Subterra Stone offers better durability and long-term strength. The result: lower life-cycle costs than traditional rigid paving solutions, particularly in extreme climate conditions.

Subterra Stone is the most natural looking permeable paver on the market. With six different natural stone texture and 13 different false joint patterns, The result: unmatched style and the appeal of actual cobblestones.

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